chill casting gravity


Fonderia In Conchiglia is specialized in the casting of aluminium alloys using automatic and semi-automatic chill casting technology.
A complete service is provided in response to supply specifications.
Starting from the design and technical drawing of the item to be produced in series, a specialist manufacturer is contracted externally to make the necessary moulds, in this case permanent moulds and coreboxes in cast iron or C45, according to the different types of cast.

Manufacturing process

After samples have been produced and approved, production casting begins, using manual or automatic machines depending on the geometry and the dimensions of the items and the size and number of batches to be turned out.
The materials used are UNI certified primary or secondary aluminium alloys currently available on the market.

Machine pool

Our potentials are:
* Automatic and semi-automatic chill casting machines with mould tables from 600 x 300 mm to 1100 x 800 mm and six movements, for small and medium-sized casts (any type of mould can be used and adapted)
* Gas fired smelting furnaces.
* Electric holding furnaces, with constant digital temperature control.
* Facilities for constant degassing and monitoring of gases in the molten and cast alloy
* In order to ensure high quality standards, we verify the composition of the alloys daily by means of a mass spectrometer

Macchine per lavorazioni di finitura:
• n° 2 band saws for cutting
• n° 3 grinding wheels for surface finishing
• n° 1 TIG welding center

We can also provide surface treatment with our suppliers such as: Sandblasting, Heat Treating, Machining, Polishing, Tumbling and Brillianting. The castings are delivered with Certificate of Conformity, pending the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000 CERTIFICATION Our company is expanding and strengthening and has been operating in the foundry sector for over 40 years, gaining experience and gaining the trust of its customers operating in various sectors, mainly in mechanics.